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This project is a collaborative means of storytelling across generations of UWCCR students and alumni. The main goal is to better understand the commonalities and differences of our UWC experience, and track how the school has changed since its inception. It is also a tool for alumni to stay connected to the current reality on campus, and for current students to have some precedent of what came before them.

We welcome all genres of submissions: drawings, essays, collages, poems, etc. We're interested in hearing alumni perspectives in the many forms they may take. You can also upload class pictures, videos of a UWC event, digital copies of the yearbook, etc. The Students' History of UWCCR will serve as both a collection of stories in their many forms, and as a communal storage site for digital files from your time at UWCCR.

In the interest of telling our collective history, we ask that entries focus on collective themes or experiences. We understand the distinction between individual and collective experiences is blurry, so here are some examples to illustrate what we’re looking for: one day in the life of a UWC student, an ode to the tias, the story behind one of the murals on campus, a memorial piece for a student/alumni who passed away, a drawing of your residence, a poem about tim-tam slams, a description of an important event from your perspective, etc.

As an open resource, the Students' History of UWCCR will be visible to the public. Please keep this in mind when you submit your stories. Do not include information about other people that that they would not be comfortable with you sharing. Submissions which contain hurtful or incriminating content about other people, or which do not (in our view) relate specifically to the history of the UWCCR student body and college will not be included. All submissions will be read and processed by our team.  We do our best to either respond to or post submissions within one to two weeks. Please note that if we post your submission, we will include your full name as author below the title unless you ask to remain anonymous. You can submit as many entries as you like.

To include multimedia documents (e.g, videos, photos, audio recordings, etc.), please upload the documents to Google Drive or Dropbox and then provide links in the text of your submission.  We will replace those links with embedded, native forms of the respective media, placed wherever in the text the links are.

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