Our Mission

To unite the alumni of UWC Costa Rica (UWCCR), to represent their interests before corresponding stakeholders, to increase alumni involvement with the college, and to support alumni in any endeavour involving the UWC values and mission.

Our Vision

To be a dynamic and democratic body that helps further the UWC mission through various projects led by UWCCR alumni. To represent any matter alumni consider to be of public interest. To use our personal and professional skills to improve the experience of current and future UWCCR students.


We are uniting to increase our impact and improve our experience as UWCCR alumni

We have been working to establish a formal Alumni Association, which will serve as an independent network connecting alumni, current students and the school.

We need YOUR help to make this a reality! We have loved hearing from your thus far and welcome your input and involvement.

Navigate through the website to learn more about the Alumni Association, the journey that brought us this far and what projects we have envisioned for the future.

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